Issue 1, April 2022

Here at Low Season Traveller, we have been manically busy lately. We’re not complaining, in fact, we are all so passionate about low season travel that we started thinking about how else we can share our love of the low season periods in every destination around this big beautiful world of ours.

We have shared the many advantages of travelling during the low season months with tens of thousands of dedicated low season travellers via our website, our hugely popular podcasts (160 episodes and counting!), our live talks and our social media content.

But something has been missing.

We all agreed that we absolutely love escaping into our favourite travel magazines like Conde Nast Traveller, National Geographic and Wanderlust to name just three.  So then we started thinking about , how we would love to see a travel magazine which only features, promotes, educates and inspires travel during the low season months.  A magazine which would have wonderfully immersive images of destinations we know and love, but taken at times of the year when most people don’t travel to them.  How many people have experienced Petra in Jordan under a blanket of snow?

We would also want to read insightful articles by some of the finest travel writers and industry experts on their personal experiences of destinations during the low seasons: What is it really like? Are there any downsides? What unique experiences could we have when we go during these times?

And what about some regular features which focus on the cultural heritage in each of the destinations.  We know that cultural heritage exists all year round and not only in the peak months.  So we could work with our partners at The World Tourism Association For Culture & Heritage to feature some cultural icons which our readers may not know about. After all, education is a fundamental part of protecting and preserving cultural heritage for future generations. Imagine some of the amazing photo’s we could use?

We know that low season travel is a more sustainable and responsible form of travel but perhaps this magazine could have a regular feature to help people understand what the wider travel industry is doing to be more sustainable.  Many of us are already getting weary of media telling us what we need to be doing better so let’s give ourselves a “guilt-break” and instead find out what the travel industry, the airlines, the hotels and the tour operators are doing to help us to have a sustainable and responsible travel experience.  Is travel just another sector where we have to pay a premium to take the sustainable option?  Let’s engage with the industry to find out what more is being done in this area.

The magazine could feature low season competitions for people to have the chance to win their own low season journey, and exclusive offers from our partners as well as special low season discounts and added benefits.

So we researched (ok, we spent a few hours on Google but that counts as research these days right?) and found that such a magazine doesn’t exist!

So…we set about creating it.

We are delighted to introduce you to “Low Season Traveller Magazine – Travel, Without The Crowds”.  It will be available only for our community subscribers and will be delivered free of charge 4 times a year.

We have worked so hard to make this really special, we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed creating it! ☺️🙏🌏