When we first embarked on this journey to create the world’s first travel organisation to solely focus on the low seasons, we quickly realised that such an undertaking could only be accomplished with the help and support of similar thinking partner organisations.   We are truly proud to be working with some of the most innovative, exciting and trusted organisations in the travel industry today.


When we first mentioned our hopes of disrupting the global travel industry to Olivier Jager, the Founder and CEO of ForwardKeys, he offered to help us immediately.  We knew that we needed to understand when the global demand and arrivals into tourism destinations were at their lowest and ForwardKeys are the natural and perfect partner for this type of data.

ForwardKeys have an incredibly sophisticated dataset which means that they are able to identify who’s travelling where and when at any given time in the past or in the near future.  They work with Airports, Tourism Authorities, Retailers and anyone else whos business depends upon knowing the world’s traveller’s movements.  Find out more and learn exactly how we work with ForwardKeys here.


The World Tourism Association of Culture and Heritage (WTACH) is a unique global organisation which strives to build the bridge between cultural heritage and tourism. We have worked with WTACH since 2018 and are proud to be Founder Members of the organisation.

Over-tourism and surges in tourism during the peak seasons can have a devastating effect on cultural heritage assets.  We have recently witnessed graffiti on ancient tombs in Egypt, the theft of mosaic tiles in Pompeii and an increase in tourists to Rapanui (Easter Island) to such an extent that this tourism destination with a population of just under 10,000 is now seeing annual tourist numbers in excess of 100,000 and an ensuing waste disposal problem which has unbelievably led to 20 tonnes of garbage (mostly recyclable)  being flown daily, over 3,000 km to the mainland of Chile.

Our Cultural Heritage is where we came from, it’s who we were and who we are.  It’s the invisible skin which forms part of our identity and it is unbelievably fragile.  As in nature, once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.  You can’t replant it.

However, Cultural Heritage can work in complete harmony with tourism.  It can drive tourism and conversely, tourism can protect cultural heritage.

We are proud to be founding members of WTACH because we similarly believe that Cultural Heritage and Tourism need to work closely together in order that we can protect and preserve our cultural heritage assets for future generations to come.

You can find out more about the World Tourism Association for Cultural Heritage here.


We are proud to be working closely with Greener Act which is the first ever App that allows individuals to make positive changes by engaging in community projects and supporting local causes, at home and when travelling the world.

Downloading the Free Greener Act App gives individual Travellers arriving at their destination awareness of local sustainable activities, crafted by responsible Organisations: Greener Places, Greener Events, Greener Causes and Greener Clusters.

Through our digital platform, local Organisations are now empowered to create, measure and deliver more sustainable, conscientious and purposeful experiences.

By showing interest, participating and contributing, Travellers actively demonstrate their commitment towards community engagement and environmental protection.

Find out more about how you can kickstart the Greener Revolution here…



We have been working with MyTravel Research over several years and are proud to have them as our research partners here at Low Season Traveller.  MyTravel Research are a market intelligence company dedicated to helping the travel and tourism industry succeed by providing insights which help the global travel sector to identify the opportunities and threats which are coming down the line.

They lead a global ‘neural network’: a virtual team of travel researchers and marketing specialists whose job is to keep on top of global traveller trends, opportunities, and market changes so that we can have them at our fingertips when we need them.

At Low Season Traveller, we think of MyTravel Research as our secret superpower: by leveraging their insights we’re empowered to make more confident decisions, overcome the ‘loudest voices in the room’ and thus achieve better results for our clients.

You can find out more about the work of MyTravel Research here.


We always wanted to inspire people to travel during the low seasons in each destination we featured and of course, the next logical step is for people to be able to book low season travel experiences.  Some people like to go it alone, and some prefer to book with highly recommended, multi-award winning, trusted experts who will ensure that they have the very best experience from booking right the way through to returning home again.  Designer Travel are ABTA and ATOL protected and each one of their 85 homeworking agents has a wealth of experience both booking and travelling all around the world.  Find out more about why we trust Designer Travel with all of our agency bookings here.