When we first embarked on this journey to create the world’s first travel organisation to solely focus on the low seasons, we quickly realised that such an undertaking could only be accomplished with the help and support of similar thinking partner organisations.   We are truly proud to be working with and indeed trusted by,  some of the most innovative, exciting and trusted organisations in the travel industry today.


The Capra – Saas Fee

ALPINE LUXURY BOUTIQUE LODGE IN SAAS FEE – Motivated by the desire to escape the hectic life of the city and their love for the mountains, a few years ago, the owners of The Capra set out to find a new home where they could reconnect with nature and spend time with family and friends. After a long search for the perfect location, they found the ideal, pristine setting in the quaint village of Saas-fee in the Swiss Alps.

Instead of building a house, the owners decided to expand their vision in order to share their experience with other like-minded people. To do so, they converted a small Swiss hotel into a luxury alpine hotel that blends the charm of tradition with modern design.

As well as transforming the hotel’s aesthetics, the owners have incorporated the healthy lifestyle synonymous with Swiss living, emphasizing the “getting back to nature” ethos of the Saas Valley.

The Capra’s name is inspired by the Latin word for mountain goat and by the black-and-white goats that roam the valleys and peaks around Saas-Fee.

Unique to the Valais region, these adventurous creatures reflect the hotel’s authentic sense of respect for nature and the environment. The two-tone goats visually embody the yin yang – a holistic harmony between man and nature, body and mind, which is the hallmark of The Capra.

Recently expanded, the owners and team at The Capra are passionate about the low season experience in the Saas Fee region and are dedicated to ensuring as many people as possible come to love the tranquility and peace of this luxurious Alpine boutique lodge.


These are just some of the brands which have entrusted us to help tell their low season story.

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