Antigua National Sailing Academy

We are proud to work with the Antigua National Sailing Academy, a registered charity which provides free swimming and sailing lessons to under-privileged Antiguan schoolchildren every week.

In 2010 the Government of Antigua & Barbuda added sailing & swimming to the list of National Sports thus allowing these sports to be included in every school’s curriculum. To facilitate this the National Sailing Academy was incorporated as an independent, non-profit charitable organisation which is administered by a volunteer board. The benefits of this programme are manifold – to both the Antiguan community and the Yachting Industry, which is growing year by year. No other sport in Antigua can offer our young people the number & variety of employment opportunities – as well as becoming competitive racing sailors, they could, in time, become captains, crew, bosuns, engineers, riggers, sailmakers, sailing instructors etc. The first step is to get them involved in the sport of sailing. The Academy is being funded by donations from yachts, individuals, groups and businesses – both in Antigua and overseas.

We think this is a great organisation which is making a real and lasting impact on the local community in Antigua.  It helps children to learn about this fun industry which is a major employer on the islands, they have a great time and they develop skills to ensure the future prosperity of sailing as an industry and economic provider for the islands.  Simply put, it leaves a lasting legacy and that is why we are so delighted to support it.

Remember, every time you book your travel arrangements via the Low Season Traveller online enquiry form, we will donate 50% of all the profits we make from your booking, so Thank You!

If you would like to arrange to visit the Academy during your stay in Antigua to see firsthand what wonderful work they are doing to make a positive impact in the community, please message us directly at

And if you would like to find out more about the work of the Antigua National Sailing Academy or make a voluntary donation, you can do so here.