Official Partner: Maslina


Maslina are passionate individuals with more than two decades of experience in luxury, including high-end hospitality, gourmet dining, and wealth management. Their collective vision is to offer a luxury hospitality experience found in their business practices and a work environment based on kindness, collaboration, authenticity, and respect. The result of all this is Mindful Luxury, a respectful high-end hospitality experience inspired by the rich cultural and natural heritage of Hvar Island in Croatia. Mindful Luxury is the alchemy between personal and professional service, a superb location, sincere respect for the environment, and an interior design that is contemporary and chic, yet family-friendly.

Maslina’s philosophy is reflected in every detail of the guest experience; their non-intrusive architecture blends-in with the island environment; they have reforested trees and protected native species, and their interior and exterior coalesce, honoring the natural world in place by celebrating the beauty in the local materials used. Maslina strongly encourages energy efficiency and procurement practices that promote local and regional suppliers. The cuisine on offer delights the senses thanks to organic and seasonal ingredients, and their signature in-room guest amenities and natural spa cosmetics are locally designed, non-toxic, and made without any plastics.

When we first spoke to the team at Maslina, they told us that we simply had to experience Mindful Luxury at Maslina for ourselves in order to truly show the low season experience. So we visited in the last week of September and you can find out what we learnt when we me with the Owner, Maud Truchi and the General Manager, Denis Martin.

You can learn more about our experience of Maslina during the low season month of September in this short video.