Official Partner: Sita India

Sita India

Established in 1963, Sita, is renowned and trusted for its outstanding value, reliability and financial stability.

As a Travel Company of choice for travel to India, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka, Sita boasts a diverse portfolio delivering private custom, guided groups, charters and special interests travel. Their operations are supported by dedicated market specialists offering consultative, warm personalised service and deeply insightful cultural interpretation based on first-hand experience to deliver authentic local experiences. Their ability to obtain preferred rates and conditions, a qualified panel of guides to reveal destination’s authentic character and strong region wide infrastructure makes for a seamless travel experience.

Sustainability is a priority for Sita and they were one of the very first organisations to approach us for a partnership as they believe that the positive and proactive promotion of low season experiences is vital for the sustainable growth of tourism worldwide.   You can find some of the Low Season Live Talks we did with Sita where we spoke with their guides to learn more about the low season experiences.  You can also listen to the podcasts and read our low season guide to India which Sita helped us to create.