Official Partner: Rhodes Tourism

Rhodes Tourism

Rhodes Welcome is the official brand for the presentation of Rhodian tourism. Their goal is to highlight, present and promote to all the corners of the world, every aspect of Rhodes Natural Beauty, from its rich cultural and historic past, to its exquisite gastronomy and the professional tourism services.

As the island of the Sun, Rhodes offers its guests an abundance of light. Light, filled with the love and philoxenia ( hospitality ) of the local population, inspired by 3000 year old traditions. Rhodes, is a place blessed by nature, with a rich history, from ancient times to the present day, unique cultural monuments and creative and hardworking people, which built over the years the modern “tourism miracle” of their island.

The excellent hospitality services and the constantly upgraded tourist infrastructure, along with the global recognition, make Rhodes one of the top destinations in Greece and they recognise that tourism is the foundation for the development of the local economy and the cohesion of the local community.

Rhodes Welcome’s prority is the global recognition of the Rhodes brand, as a safe and authentically hospitable destination, where local residents and visitors can truly enjoy life, and be able to live well and safely, despite any uncertainties that will always exist.

As such, the team at Rhodes Welcome have partnered with Low Season Traveller in order to help showcase the amazing array of experiences which can be enjoyed during the low season periods outside of the “height of summer” peak.

You can learn more about Low Season Rhodes here and also check out some of the podcasts, Video’s and interviews which we recorded during the low season this year.  We had so much fun interviewing the most charming and passionate locals in Rhodes Old Town…