Low Season Traveller are proud to be working with ForwardKeys who are the the reference for global travel intelligence

ForwardKeys is a big data, IT and business intelligence company offering a new approach to traveller operational business intelligence, leveraging global flight reservation information and other data to monitor and qualify traveller flows, map global demand, and forecast trends.

Travellers are the focal point of global business worth multi-billions of dollars, whether they’re booking a flight or a hotel, shopping, hiring a car, or visiting an attraction. The challenge for business is to know when and where to target them. ForwardKeys monitor every stage of the traveller’s journey, enabling their clients to anticipate trends, seize opportunities and maximise profits.

ForwardKeys provide Low Season Traveller with live, tactical information and exclusive insights on global traveller movements so that we can understand more clearly than anyone, exactly which months are the lowest season months in terms of fewest tourism arrivals.  In this way, our tourism partners can be confident that we understand the best times to promote them and our low season traveller community can have confidence that we know the true low season times of the year.

The ForwardKeys Team

ForwardKeys was founded in 2010 by Olivier Jager and Chris van Zwynsvoorde. Both working at leading travel technology companies they realised that this data could not only be useful for the aviation industry, but for every industry with an interest in global travellers. Their dream became to build analytics services for the travel industry using air reservation data.

With a clear vision, they built a platform to analyse global air flights, though they also believed in the importance of the human touch to give this data a voice, and to bring it to life.

Having the guts to disrupt and imagination required to make things happen is what has brought us this far, and what remains our core. Integrity is close to our hearts, as it lives and breathes our reason for success; that of being trusted by our clients.

If you would like to learn more about ForwardKeys unique datasets and learn how you too could leverage from their insights, you can request a demo by contacting Roberto Arana