Low Season Barbados: What’s it really like?

Today we’re bringing you to Barbados in this special episode.

Last week myself and Kevin were kindly invited over to Barbados by the wonderful team at Barbados Tourism to experience the low season on the island for ourselves.

We had to fit in quite a lot but we recorded our thoughts on our first impressions before our meal at the fabulous La Cabane Restaurant on the beachfront.

This is part one of our overview and we will be releasing a lot more content which we recorded in the coming weeks.

Oh, and it must have been the Rum Punch, but whenever we say East Coast we mean West Coast and vice versa!

Have a listen and let us know what you think.

Watch out for part 2 which we will release next week as well as more interviews and videos coming online shortly.

The low season experience really is absolutely wonderful in Barbados during the summer and I can tell you that there are some amazing deals out there so do check with your local travel agent.

We’re currently working on issue 2 of the Low Season Traveller magazine and we are looking for your low season stories.  Have you had any amazing experiences whilst visiting destinations during their low seasons? Perhaps you had an amazing local interaction which would not have been possible in the busy peak season? Let us know your story by dropping us a line at editor@lowseasontraveller.com and you may well find yourself in the next edition of Low Season Traveller Magazine and a guest on this show.

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