Low Season Paris

The Underrated Beauty of Low Season Paris: An Insider’s Guide with Ged Brown and Jay Swanson

In this episode of the Low Season Traveller Insider Guides, host Ged Brown is joined by Jay Swanson, the creator behind Paris In My Pocket, to discuss the overlooked allure of low season tourism in Paris. Jay provides unique insight into Paris, revealing the charm of local experiences, under-the-radar spots, and the inviting café culture characteristic of the city. He discusses the importance of integrating oneself into the rhythm of life in Paris, recommending the simple pleasure of people-watching. Jay also touches on the significance of French food and wine as he points out the city’s international food scene. He offers tips for first-time travelers, focusing on the balance between tourist attractions and hidden gems, and encourages exploration as the key to a fulfilling Parisian trip.

00:06  Introduction and Welcome
00:30  Getting to Know Jay Swanson
01:21  Jay’s Journey to Paris
03:16  Becoming a French Citizen
05:04 The Appeal of Paris
05:33 The Parisian Lifestyle
10:51  Language and Communication in Paris
13:01  Visiting Paris in the Low Season
17:13  Exploring Paris: Must-See and Overrated Attractions
22:27 Hidden Gems in Paris
24:07 Food and Drink Recommendations in Paris
27:11  Final Tips for Visiting Paris
29:39 Conclusion and Farewell

Paris In My Pocket

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