The Basque Country: “Once you try it, you’ll remember it forever”.

Honor & Gorka return to discuss the Basque Country in more detail.

Having studied history at university, Honor is in her element as the interview delves into a history of pride, oppression and struggle. The ongoing battle for independence leads one to ask about national identity and what it means to be Basque – Gorka’s answers are heart-felt and honest.

The podcast talks about the uniting power of language and culture, the traditions that are still present today and food that brings people together – this podcast is bound to leave your mouth watering.

Episode Links:

BBC – The Mysterious Origins of Europe’s Oldest Language:

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If, like us,  you are passionate about the protection and preservation of global culture and heritage, we highly recommend that you join the World Tourism Association for Culture & Heritage.  It’s a truly wonderful organisation: