Tourism Recovery Series

“Keeping the Dream Alive”

The Tourism Expert Recover Series – ‘Keeping the Dream Alive’ is a collaboration between Low Season Traveller, The World Tourism Association for Culture & Heritage and MyTravel Research and comprises of a 12 Episode journey that features some of the world most renowned and respected thought leaders and tourism specialists.
The Series ran from 28 April to 04 Jun 2020 as the word was starting to understand the seriousness of the global pandemic and the global travel industry was at a stand still.  For 12 weeks, we invited international speakers, all globally renowned leaders in their field, to share with the travel industry, their expert analysis, insights and key considerations for transitioning out of COVID-19.
You are invited to join in the discussion by sharing your own experiences, ideas or questions with our team of international experts. But for now, sit back, relax and Click the links below to watch our past episodes dedicated to ‘Keeping the Dream Alive’.

Episode 1:  Tourism Business Survival, Revival, Resilience

Watch and listen to Dr David Beirman the internationally renowned expert and author on Tourism Crisis & Resilience as he shares his insights, observations and recommendations on transitioning out of COVID-19.  Here he takes on some pertinent questions from our audience.

Episode 2:  Lessons from the Past – Crisis, Resilience, Context

In this episode, World Tourism Association for Culture & Heritage President & CEO, Chris Flynn, takes a look back at some of the challenges our industry has faced in the past. He details and explores what we have learned to help provide context to the current COVID-19 crisis.

Episode 3:  Travel & Tourism the Current Position and Outlook

Prof John Koldowski is globally respected for his extraordinary tourism insights, projections and analysis. In this episode John drills down into the current state of play and what we can expect to happen in the not too distant future.

Episode 4:  Survive & Thrive: Marketing in the new abnormal

Watch listen and learn from internationally acclaimed Researcher and Marketeer Carolyn Childs, as she discusses and explains how to navigate the New Abnormal – This episode has two podcasts: The first is the keynote and the second is the insightful Q&A session which followed.

Episode 5:  The 6 Fundamentals of Sustainable Events

Stu Speirs has advised and worked with some of the leading destinations on making truly sustainable events to drive civic pride and local community engagement. Here he outlines his 6 principles for sustainable events.

Episode 6:  The 10 Principles of good PR Communications in a Crisis

This is the entire sessions with David Tarsh as he outlines the key principles which organisations should follow during times of crisis.

Episode 7:  Aviation In Crisis

It’s fair to say that for the most part, tourism starts with air lift. What ever happens in aviation, will affect the rest of the travel and tourism eco-structure downstream. John Grant helps us to understand exactly how aviation has been affected and what it will take to recover.

Episode 8:  Crisis & Innovation

Tammy Marshall has senior executive experience gained at the highest levels during her time at Carnival Corporation, Contiki Holidays, P&O Cruises, AAT Kings and more. Now with her new company The B Hive, she shares her experiences with us all as she talks about how travel businesses can ensure they are innovative during crises.

Episode 9:  What’s Your Go-To-Market Strategy?

Being in the midst of the Covid19 Pandemic it’s hard to imagine what message you should send to stimulate consumer interest, confidence and trust. Or…if now is even the right time to be sending these messages at all? Today we hear from International Martech Strategist Luke Donkin. Luke will guide us on how we need to think. What we need to consider and when we need to act.

Episode 10: Crisis & Careers: Navigating the Storm

The onset of Covid19 has been traumatic for many. Those who have seen their jobs disappear or careers effectively grind to a halt now find themselves in limbo uncertain as to what the future holds. How do you stay positive? How do you remain relevant? And what do you need to do to ensure you emerge stronger when the crisis is over?

Episode 11:  – Do We want A Recovery: Let’s Be Truthful

In this episode, Ged Brown takes to the stage to ask “Do we really want a recovery?”. This is our single largest opportunity to make a lasting change for the good of our communities and the travel industry: Let’s Grab It!

Episode 12:  Facts Not Fear: A Real-time Insight Into Current Travel Trends

In this episode, Olivier Ponti from ForwardKeys shows us the latest data in terms of bookings and arrivals to establish whether or not there will be any real summer season for the travel industry this year…This is the fascinating keynote…